We conducted a survey of issues businesses faced during the spring H1N1 outbreak. 43 executives replied in August 2009, and survey results are attached.

1. How did you get information during the outbreak?

2. How would you improve communications/information sharing from public health?

3. If you ranked wanting conference calls with business a 4 or 5 (helpful or extremely helpful) when would you like that information?

4. How helpful is benchmarking (knowing what similar companies or organizations are doing)? 83.7% replied "Very Helpful"

5. Is there a need for a Bay Area or State website portal that includes links, guidance documents and benchmarking areas? 67.4% said "Yes"

6. Would you use such a website portal as described in #5 above? 54.8% replied "Yes"

7. If you believe that there should be a website portal as in #5 above, who should sponsor this?

8. Did you have difficulty obtaining resources (N95 masks, antivirals, sanitizers, etc). If so, how did you solve it? Yes 32% / No 45%

9. If you responded to shortage question #7, how can we mitigate shortages (please rank)
Broader guidance from public health including alternatives? (84% 4.74)
Understanding when state will release stockpiles? (86% 4.22)
Better visibility on alternative distributors? (70% 4.30)

10. How can your company or organization help public health respond to a pandemic (with resources, technology, expertise, volunteers, etc.)?

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The RPCfirst (Regional Partnership Council) surveyed the financial coalitions nationwide such as BARCfirst at the request of the U.S. Treasury, and compiled the attached responses to questions such as:
* Have you discovered any gaps in your ability to handle the situation that could be addressed at the sector or national level?
* Are you finding it difficult to obtain information that could be obtained at the sector or national level?
* What types of actions are your coalitions taking? Your individual members?
Slides by Dr. Howard Backer, Associate Secretary, Emergency Preparedness, of the California Health and Human Services Agency presented on July 14th to the CalEMA EPAW (Emergency Preparedness Advisory Workgroup) meeting.
Report from the Alameda County Public Health strategic planning workshop on May 15th that ranked issues that came up during the H1N1 outbreak.


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