Previous version from 2008: EOC Liaison Operational Guidelines 10-28-08 with graphics.doc

Edits suggested at Oct 20, 2011 meeting (BARCfirst, BOMA-SF, BRMA, CRA):

Front cover & page header - add BOMA-SF logo

Page 3 - delete "and act as an advocate for the private sector."

Delete Initial Alert Team:

  - Delete chart page 6

  - Page 7 - delete Initial Alert Team box and change Alert Team to "Communications Team"

  - Page 9 - delete Initial Alert Team box

Page 10 - delete reference to MIR3

Page 11 - delete reference to Initial Alert Team notified and reference to MIR3, add slide "What to Expect as a Liaison", possibly add text boxes for anecdotal lessons (wildfires, H1N1, Mehserle)

Page 13 - Update coalition contact info

Page 14 - delete page (Initial Alert Team contact info)

Page 15 - Need 2 contacts per each organization

Page 17 - update EOC lead liaisons names, delete shift schedules, add "Available for your use" under gmail addresses, and delete First Alert team references

Page 18 - delete "EOC under construction" in CCSF

Page 19 - change heading to "State of California: California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA)", delete "Governor's Office of Emergency Services", note Clay Street "until Dec 20111"

Pages 20-35 - consolidate local map and alternate approach map onto single page for each EOC

Page 37 - delete

Page 38 - Add block to show where Private Sector Liaison reports

Page 39 - updated chart from CRA

Page 40 - Change OES to CalEMA, consider adding chart on sources for private sector resources

Page 41 - Change Addendum #4 "Situation Report" to "Reports and Forms"

Page 44 - Delete final situation report form, and replace with Activity Log example and blank form

Page 45 - Add text block "May be Needed for Re-imbursement"

Pages 47-54 (Glossary) - Change OES or Governor's Office of Homeland Security to "CalEMA"

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Here's the updated version 3.0 with new tables "What to Expect as a Liaison" and "Private Sector Resource Guide".




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