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The California Resiliency Alliance (CRA) brings business and government together in a public-private partnership to strengthen our capacity to prevent, protect, respond and recover from natural disasters, pandemic flu or terrorism.  In previous disasters, business-government collaboration has been chaotic – with little or no advanced planning or practice. We mobilize California's businesses in advance to improve community resiliency:
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BENS post-Katrina report: Getting Down To Business.pdf

The CRA relies on the generosity of businesses and foundations - no membership fee is required, so we depend on donations to fund our work. The CRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization, and contributions are tax-deductible.


Benefits of supporting the CRA include:

Corporate Citizenship and Continuity of the Community: Government alone cannot respond to disasters. Participating businesses understand that helping to achieve “continuity of community” in turn helps ensure business continuity. Partnering with state and regional agencies before disaster strikes helps to protect your workforce and ensure economic resiliency.

Information and Guidance during a Disaster: Accurate and timely information is difficult to obtain during a disaster. The CRA provides situation reports and infrastructure status that your company needs to make better decisions regarding employee safety and business continuity.

Pooling Private Sector Resources: By pledging resources during emergencies, the business community can contribute in a cost-effective and leveraged way to reduce the impact of disasters.

• Improve Public-Private Sector Coordination: Private sector liaisons in state and county EOCs improve coordination between the public and private sectors during disasters.  Businesses benefit from improved information, and liaisons can facilitate resource deployment.

Leverage Your Outreach Efforts:  CRA activities provide the opportunity to build relationships with key state and county decision-makers involved in disaster response -- emergency management, public health, and infrastructure protection. The CRA is also a “collective voice” for the private sector to address common business continuity and corporate security concerns.

Bridge Industry Silos:  Participating businesses share best practices and responses across industry lines with other leading companies.  Businesses are increasingly interdependent, and therefore coordination among industry leaders is essential to facilitate regional recovery.

Joint Exercises: CRA enables businesses to participate in government disaster exercises, such as California’s annual Golden Guardian exercise, which not only improve cross-sector coordination, but also help participating companies identify gaps in their continuity plans.  


For information on how to donate to the CRA, please contact Executive Director Jim Turner via jturner@CAresiliency.org .


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