2015 Business and Community Resilience Forum

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2015 Business and Community Resilience Forum

October 14 - 15, 2015

Hosted and brought to you through the support of: California Endowment - 1111 Broadway, 7th floor, Oakland, CA

A two day event highlighting the important role that the business sector plays in community resilience to public health emergencies, disasters, and climate change effects.

Join the California Resiliency Alliance (CRA) and cross-sector partners to explore issues, challenges, and solutions in planning for and recovering from the risks that endanger our ecosystems, commerce, and infrastructures. Experts will gather to discuss the post-crisis realities of:

  • pandemic risks and public health response
  • supply chain resilience and recovery
  • critical infrastructure and services restoration
  • Federal reimbursement for disaster response
  • business operations and facilities planning for climate change
  • technologies to support crisis response, recovery, and planning
  • the role of the private sector in supporting community resilience

Contact Jim Turner at 415,830.4230 or bcrforum@caresiliency.org to save your place, participate, or provide support.


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