Business Operations Center Representatives

Private Sector Business Operations Center (BOC) Representative Program:

“The more goods and services that the private sector is able to provide to meet the needs, then [the more that government] can focus on the most needy and vulnerable areas”

-          Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator


Businesses play a critical role in disaster response and recovery. Not only are our business communities responsible for much of the country’s critical infrastructure such as electricity, water, fuel, and communications; but they also provide daily necessities such as food and clothing. In the wake of a disaster, these resources and capabilities available in the private sector will be critical in community recovery.

Since 2006, the California Resiliency Alliance (formerly BENS) and its partners across the state of California have recognized the need for Whole Community Response that includes private sector support to ensure the most effective recovery from disasters and disruptive events.  To achieve this, the CRA spearheaded and coordinated the Private Sector Business Operations Center (BOC) Representative Program in jurisdictions across the state.


Working with industry partners (BRMA, ACP, BOMA, BARC-FIRST, SoCal-FIRST and others) and government responders from the California Office of Emergency Services and local jurisdictions, the CRA has recruited and trained volunteer private sector BOC representatives in jurisdictions both in Northern and Southern California. Private sector BOC representatives help to facilitate communication and resource coordination between the sectors. In most cases, the Private Sector BOC Representative will not represent any single company or agency. Instead, they represent the interests and capabilities of the jurisdiction’s larger business community during EOC operations.


Trained BOC Representative Teams have responded to and assisted in emergency exercises and response and recovery since 2009. Some of those included:

  • Southern California Wildfires (since 2007) – coordinated resources and cross-sector communication
  • H1N1 Crisis (2009) – Coordinated information sessions with Emergency & Public Health agencies
  • San Bruno Pipeline Explosion (2010) – recruited technology volunteers to assist responders
  • Occupy / Mesherle Protests (2013-14) – assisted government PIOs in communications coordination
  • CalOES Golden Guardian and local exercises – program volunteers have participated since 2006


Private Sector BOC Representative training is easily completed by doing the following required FEMA courses online:

  1. IS 100.b - Introduction to the Incident Command System
  2. IS 200.b - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  3. IS 700.a - National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
  4. IS 800.b - National Response Framework, An Introduction

Along with two live trainings offered by OES:

  1. EOC 101 - EOC Orientation
  2. EOC information management tool training session (e.g. WebEOC)

In addition, it is recommended that BOC Representatives take the following trainings:

  1. The CRA conducts a webinar periodically throughout the year as necessary, usually prior to annual statewide exercises led by Cal OES.
  2. IS 660 - Introduction to the Public-Private Partnerships
  3. IS 662 - Improving Preparedness and Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships


How You Can Help:

As part of its ongoing mission, the CRA is committed to supporting and growing these strategic and operational partnerships to benefit disaster recovery. You can help us with these important initiatives in a number of ways:

  • Start or join a Private Sector Advisory Committee in your jurisdiction – Ask us how!
  • Volunteer to become a Private Sector BOC Representative in the jurisdictions where you work and live
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, co-workers, and at your place of business
  • Support the CRA! As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, donations are tax deductible and beneficial to your community’s effective recovery from disasters.

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