Small and Mid-Sized Business Preparedness Webinars

"For small and mid-sized businesses, every day is a disaster."

- Small Business Administration

While larger businesses often have dedicated emergency managers and business continuity personnel, small and medium sized businesses rarely have the resources to maintain a full time emergency manager. This means that the responsibilities for preparedness fall on someone with other, quite possibly unrelated, job requirements. Often, this individual is already overtaxed with pressures of day-to-day business operations. In the end, this leads to disaster preparedness being pushed off to the side as other responsibilities take up the limited bandwidth. As a result, small and mid-sized businesses are less able to handle events when they happen.

A solution was needed that helped solve the day-to-day disasters of small and mid-sized businesses while also preparing them for those larger, less common events. The California Resiliency Alliance and the San Mateo County Private Sector Advisory Committee took up the challenge and created the Small and Medium Sized Business Webinar Series concept. With topics ranging from insurance to cloud data storage to preparing a leased space, the webinar series seeks to strengthen businesses resiliency in all its forms.

A survey sent out to businesses in Foster City by the Fire Department found out that the local businesses had the desire to more thoroughly prepare, but needed more information. The survey also found that the businesses wanted something they could access outside of normal business hours. The webinar series concept fit perfectly. Hosted online, the webinars will be accessible when the business has time.

Have a topic you want to see covered in the webinars? Contact the CRA at

How You Can Help:

As part of its ongoing mission, the CRA is committed to supporting and growing these strategic and operational partnerships to benefit disaster recovery. You can help us with these important initiatives in a number of ways:

  • Start or join a Private Sector Advisory Committee in your jurisdiction – Ask us how!
  • Volunteer to become a Private Sector BOC Representative in the jurisdictions where you work and live
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, co-workers, and at your place of business
  • Support the CRA! As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, donations are tax deductible and beneficial to your community’s effective recovery from disasters.

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