Disaster Recovery Permit & Regulation Waiver Toolkit

In the wake of a disaster, time is of the essence. This is true regarding both response and recovery. People may need shelter after a large number of homes are damaged or businesses may need to set-up temporary locations. Existing legislation that reflects the wishes of the people may be detrimental to speedy disaster response and recovery processes simply due to the fact that the needs of the situation post-event are very different from the normal day-to-day needs of the populace. Examples include changing laws that prevent camping in public parks or modifying laws to allow businesses to vend within previously restricted areas like in the aftermath of the Napa Earthquake.

Removing legislation can be a difficult process, particularly when speed is critical and some legislation may need to be reinstated once the situation has normalized. The answers to this problem are temporary legislative waivers and adjustments. To achieve this, the California Resiliency Alliance partnered with the Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) to develop a systematic method for quickly and effectively creating these waivers.

The Guide and Toolkit provide step by step guidance in the waiver creation process, from identifying what waivers are needed to convening stakeholders for approval. The guide also provides examples of certain waivers that Bay Area governments may likely need in the aftermath of a disaster and which stakeholders they may need to involve. The materials within the Guide and Toolkit can be used both before and after an event occurs.

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How You Can Help:

As part of its ongoing mission, the CRA is committed to supporting and growing these strategic and operational partnerships to benefit disaster recovery. You can help us with these important initiatives in a number of ways:

  • Start or join a Private Sector Advisory Committee in your jurisdiction – Ask us how!
  • Volunteer to become a Private Sector BOC Representative in the jurisdictions where you work and live
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues, co-workers, and at your place of business
  • Support the CRA! As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, donations are tax deductible and beneficial to your community’s effective recovery from disasters.

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