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Feel like you know the information is out there, but you just can't find it? Well, CRA is here to help. The resources available to the disaster resilience community are growing daily. Our goal is to compile that information into something easily accessible by our various partners.

Some of CRA's recent projects to help the resiliency community

The Bay Area Public-Private Partnership Initiative (BAPPPRI) Project: Learn how to set-up partnerships between local government and businesses.

The Disaster Legislation Waiver and Adjustment Project: A checklist and guide for pre and post disaster government legislation waivers and adjustments.

Other projects and resources to assist businesses and their partners in emergency and disaster preparedness A series of webinars on small business emergency preparedness by the Small Business Administration.

AgilityRecovery Webinars: Another host of webinars intended to prepare businesses for emergencies and disasters. A DHS/FEMA creation, this site addresses general emergency preparedness with some content dedicated to business resiliency.

Small Business Administration: With subjects ranging from loans to insurance, this government site helps prepare businesses for disasters and their aftermath. A Red Cross website dedicated to general disaster preparedness, it has a readiness assessment and guides for business preparedness.

Nepal Inspection Webinar: Based off the recent tragedy in Nepal, this webinar addresses post-earthquake building evaluation.

And some upcoming activities from our partners:

The FEMA PrepareAthon

ShakeOut 10/15/2015

Click here for upcoming events hosted by CRA and our partners!

Please check back in for regular updates and additions.

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