Small Business Admininstration

The Small Business Administration of the US Federal Government seeks to help the small business community thrive. For those businesses to thrive, the government understands that they must be resilient, so they created the Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance. The Office has developed a variety of assets to assist small businesses in preparing for disasters, from loans to informative blog posts.

Disaster Loans for Small Businesses Homepage: This page includes links to types of loans, how to apply for different loans, and everything else you may need to apply for a disaster related loan from the SBA.

Emergency Preparedness: With articles on everything from disaster planning to assistance, this section seeks to help small businesses build their resilience to disasters.

Disaster Planning: With a Small Business Disaster Preparedness Guide, Standard Checklist Criteria for Business Recovery, and more; this page provides useful specifics on disaster preparedness.

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