Hi Everyone,

I wanted to pass along a resource that can really help expedite the disaster recovery process.

After a disaster like a wildfire, one of the most daunting tasks for a resident can be creating an inventory of all the personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed in or around a home.  People who have insurance will be required to provide a detailed inventory to their insurance adjuster in order to receive money to replace such items.  Imagine trying to create an inventory of every item in your home from scratch, where you have no photos, receipts, or recollection.  The Personal Property Memory Jogger is a pre-populated Excel spreadsheet with over 5,000 common household items, broken down into a room-by-room format. Once downloaded, you have the option to delete items that may not apply to you and/or add items that may not appear in the list. The Personal Property Memory Jogger can be downloaded free-of-charge at www.theredguidetorecovery.com.


For people who have lost everything and do not have photos or any documentation of what they owned prior to a disaster, the Memory Jogger can be a real asset.

Take care!


Sean Scott


The Red Guide to Recovery - Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors

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