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Allen Frischer

Survival Mode

Bruce W. Churchill

InfraGard San Diego Members Alliance

John Lang

City of Morgan Hill

James Barnes

CloudFast, LLC

Jeffrey Snoddy

City of Los Angeles Emergency…

Hal Good

Procurement Pros Group, LLC

Julei Kim


Brad Horton

Globalstar Satellite Communications

Deryck Wade

US Safety Solutions, LLC

Len Horewitz

Western Machinery Electric

Mara Bun

Green Cross Australia

Carmela Hinderaker

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Steve Taffee

Menlo Park Fire Protection District…

Vincent Garcia

Cisco Tactical Operations

Paul Hess

Alameda County Sheriff's…

Nabih Numair

Palantir Technologies

Michele Patin

Palo Alto OES

Mark G Meyers

Bill Wilson Center

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